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“Steal the ‘Smooth Operator’ Tag From Carlos”: George Russell’s ‘Goofy’ Internet Shenanigans Leave Fans Awestruck

The fan favorite, Mercedes man, George Russell, was seen by many as the most ‘George Russell’ thing. In the most recent news, Russell was spotted shooting with Mercedes, giving the cutest shot, which he later shared on his socials. And his fans went wild, to say the least.


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George Russell has always stayed true to his crazy self. Always funny and joking, Russell was seen at his craziest side in a recent video, where the young lad ate toast while displaying the quickest of reflexes.


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In the video, George Russell sat next to a toaster with a laptop in front of him. When he finishes his “breakfast meeting,” a toast pops out of the toaster, and before it makes contact with the surface, ninja-quick George catches his toast without moving from his laptop screen.

When the recording ended, everyone rejoiced and celebrated the good work Russell had just done. And a happy, proud Russell left the frame.

Fans were extremely impressed with the young lad’s reflexes and took to their Twitter to celebrate the young Brit.

Twitter had so much to say, some even wondered if he was a “spider-man” in disguise.

George Russell had let Twitter crawl all over him

Twitter was absolutely in awe of the Mercedes driver, and rightly so. In addition to showing off his talents as a driver, Russell also proves his worth on screen. Most even believe he would make a good actor too! Russell has won many hearts and rightly so.

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Many Twitter users wondered how much he needed to do well, while others celebrated the Mercedes man’s various talents.

Some wanted to see bloopers!

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George Russell is a man of great potential. In his debut year at Mercedes, the young lad secured a victory for the struggling team. What else will he be able to bring with 2023 just around the corner?



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