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Steve Reeves, a late bodybuilding legend, once shared some eye-opening advice for athletes who mess with their genetics with chemicals: “You should take up another sport”

The sport of bodybuilding has its own legacy. Bodybuilding is widely accepted and loved by fans around the world. However, just like any other sport, there are also dark sides to bodybuilding. The biggest threat to the sport’s credibility is the use of steroids by bodybuilders.


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The debates about the use of external steroids in bodybuilding now seem eternal. Bodybuilding came into the global spotlight in the late 1960s. Since then, the sport has come under constant criticism for its use of anabolic steroids. Many veteran bodybuilders have expressed concern is a serious problem. Steve Reeves, the late bodybuilder, once made strong statements about this problem in sports.


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Steve Reeves described the change in bodybuilding culture

Steve Reeves is one of the greatest bodybuilders ever born. The bodybuilding legend retired from the sport in 1960, but he remained an active observer. One of his old interviews is trending on social media platforms. And his statement is still relevant in modern times.

Steve highlighted the drastic change in bodybuilding from a health-oriented culture to just showing off fake muscles. He said, “In my day I believed that bodybuilding was a health oriented sport, when now it is all about unhealthy, chemically induced gains and stuff.”

The seasoned bodybuilder firmly believed that bodybuilding comes from genetics. He advised that one should not try artificial methods to achieve a certain physique.

Steve went on to say that if someone doesn’t have a genetically well-built physique; then they would have to switch professions instead of injecting artificial hormones. “…you should practice other sports like catching butterflies and ping pong,” he joked.

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Who was the pioneer behind the culture change?

According to Steve Reeves, the media was the main culprit behind the development of steroid culture. He felt profit-oriented companies encouraged such an attitude. Steve said: “I think you guys are the magazines of all the other ways to sell the products.” He further claimed that these companies were encouraging people to participate in steroid culture.


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Steve Reeves is one of the most inspiring bodybuilders in the sport. He has inspired generations of legends such as Arnold and Stallone. He won mr. America, mr. world and mr. Universe and would be titled Mr. Olympia if it existed then.


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Do you agree with Steve’s thoughts on the popular culture of bodybuilding sports? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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