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Takeaways From Kontent.ai Horizons Conference

Takeaways From Kontent.ai Horizons Conference

CMSWire contributor Akshay Sura presents some key findings from Kontent.ai’s conference in Manhattan this week.

Kontent.ai kicked off on Thursday, November 17 Kontent.ai Horizons Conference on the heels of a successful $40 million fundraising effort from Expedition Growth Capital to bring the power of AI and more to content management. The event was hosted at Glasshouse Chelsea in Manhattan and attracted worldwide audiences.

Kontent.ai is a headless content management system that enables content and engineering teams to create, organize and reuse valuable content, making every experience consistent and relevant. The company was founded in 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic.

CEO delivers State of State on economics, digital transformation

Bart Omlo kicked off the Kontent.ai conference with a keynote. Omlo, the CEO of Kontent.ai, has extensive experience in the web CMS world and was Kentico’s general manager before the companies split. Kentico is a Web CMS provider and is offered by Kentico until the split in July of this year. Omlo has been a leader in the field for over 20 years.

Omlo spoke about the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic situation, which is challenging for anyone with utility bills. He also acknowledged the massive layoffs at established companies.

Bart says that even in these challenging times, we need business transformation and courage.

He says organizations:

  • Know that digital transformation is key
  • Are cost conscious
  • Don’t take any chances
  • Focus on the best of breed
  • You want to save costs and be efficient
  • Do you want to reuse content across multiple channels?
  • Want to save costs on their content operations
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Omlo and the team wanted to find an investor with the right DNA and culture. Expedition Growth Capital fits well with Kontent.ai’s values ​​and draws its money from the endowment fund of Oxford University and the US National Parks. He said that if Kontent.ai is successful, it would help the aforementioned causes.

Omlo also emphasized that his company now operates as a separate entity from Kentico and is delighted to be recognized as a MACH Alliance member.

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Focus 2023: growth in North America

The focus for Kontent.ai in 2023 will be on growth in the United States and Canada. To support that effort, Kontent.ai will open its New York City office in the Chrysler builder on Friday, November 18.

According to Omlo, investing in people and focusing intensively on the US market is the key to success. Kontent.ai will hire many functions including marketing, customer success, presales and sales. According to the website, Kontent.ai has more than 140 employees in six offices in six countries.

The AI ​​Story

Kontent.ai wants AI to be something other than a buzzword; it wants to bring composable AI as part of the composable story. Smart automation can help organizations with day-to-day enterprise content activities.

Omlo shared how user-generated content, such as reviews, can be processed by AI, filtering them based on sentiment and other attributes for a human rating. Kontent.ai is working with an existing Australian customer on such a use case. Kontent.ai is also looking at other real-world use cases where AI can benefit content operations.

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