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The DMZ AI Difficulty Is Too Damn High

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For me, Duty‘s new DMZ mode is not alone Codfish‘s best game type, it is one of the best shooting game modes I’ve played in years. It’s the well-known rush of a good shooter with great roving tactics that require smart and reactive planning. But recent tweaks to the AI ​​in this hybrid PvPvE game mode quickly sour the experience for those of us trying to play with friends or, god help you, solo.

DMZ, which premiered along with War zone 2.0, is an open-world game mode that uses the Al Mazrah Battle Royale map as a large space to collect loot, complete objectives, and engage in skirmishes with AI and other players. It has a lot in common with games like Escape from Tarkov or even The division‘s Dark Zone area. At its best, the unpredictable combination of 66 players trying to complete their own objectives, and enemy AI scattered across the map, leads to unpredictable, emergent moments of gameplay that give you a lot of freedom in terms of how you want to survive, fight, loot, and exfiltrate. The whole point of the mode is to survive with better loot than you came in with, so you can use your fun new toys in future matches. Die, and you lose all that progress you had on you. The premise of the mode itself is tough, but the enemy AI just makes the mode bloody miserable and humiliating.

“I had 3 armor cop bots standing over my body while I was reviving myself to just make a clip on me,” reads one answer to a top tweet of a meme mention the high degree of difficulty of the AI ​​after a recent update. “I waited for them to put me on the gram with how they did me.”

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The aggressiveness of the bots in this mode is undoubtedly extraordinary, making them much more intimidating than other players. “Why is the AI ​​better than the players in DMZ?” streamer Jazzberry tweets out. But it’s not just down to sharp aim and an ability to see you from a distance more absurd than classic stealth games where AI couldn’t see a meter ahead. The AI ​​exhibits behavior that destroys any level of immersion and, quite frankly, fun. Check out this shit:

Whether you’re on the train revolving around the map or not, the AI ​​exhibits a level of awareness of where you are and the ability to blast through walls that make it nearly impossible to react. You can literally hide in a fully covered train car with no lines of sight and the bullets will fly through the walls. I stopped trying to loot the train because of this. Combined with their ability to respawn so quickly that clearing a base feels completely worthless and the constant repetition of AI hovering in the air, it feels like you’re playing against someone who performs aimbots and other hacks.

Considering that dying in this game mode means losing all your gear, these crushing, inexplicable near-death moments like this make it hugely frustrating.

Sometimes it’s like you have to be able to shoot, reload, and reload all at once to even stand a chance, and this doesn’t just happen in the most dangerous areas of the map. Looting a seemingly irrelevant building sometimes triggers waves of fully plated AI, with backup descending from unstoppable helicopters, which are faster than you and outnumber you to an absurd degree. It’s even worse now armor-piercing ammunition no longer pierces armor.

But the talk deserves nuance because, for those who enjoy the mode, an outright nerf across the board risks throwing off the real challenge that many, myself included, come to the game for. Right now, that balance is tipped too heavily in favor of AI, which is difficult to some extent.

Losing two-thirds of your armor as soon as you’re spotted, and you’ve unloaded countless amounts of ammunition that defeats any claim to difficulty through “realism,” it’s hard to rise to that challenge when you’re up against forces that our soft, analogous human brains being able to think infinitely and outsmart.

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