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The end of ‘The Walking Dead’ – and the beginning of a new universe

No offense to Luke or Jules, who arrived late in the series and were never main characters, but the real loss in “Rest in Peace” is Rosita (Christian Serratos), an integral Walking dead fixture since her introduction in season four. Fortunately, she gets the tough and touching swan song she deserves. In tracking down her missing daughter, Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) are surrounded by walkers, so they start climbing a wall to escape. With her child strapped to her chest, Rosita falls to what appears to be her certain death. But – not so fast! – she quickly gets up to beat the walkers, climbs on top of an ambulance and jumps back onto the wall. Unfortunately, she doesn’t come out unscathed, later revealing in a heartbreaking scene that she was bitten. After the big win over Pamela and the walkers, the crew gathers for a festive Thanksgiving-style meal, and Rosita enjoys this “perfect” moment before breaking the news to Gabriel. She is then led into a bedroom and placed next to her sleeping daughter, whom she kisses one last time. “We’ll see you again someday,” Gabriel says as he takes the young girl and leaves. When Eugene comes in for the final goodbye, Rosita tells him, “I’m glad it was you at the end.” In the flash-forward, we learn that Eugene and Max (Margot Binham) have welcomed a daughter of their own: Rosie.


Do not worry, The living Dead didn’t sign off without seeing the original protagonist and iconic lead actress. Last seen in seasons nine and ten, respectively, Andrew Lincoln and Dani Gurira return in the closing moments of the finale. At first it appears that Rick and Michonne are together, with only a fire separating them. “I think about the dead all the time, not the living… that I lost,” says a brooding Rick as images of deceased legacy characters like Carl (Chandler Riggs), Laurie (Sarah Wayne Callies), Shane (John Bernthal) and Glenn (Steven Yun) appear on the screen. Meanwhile, Michonne writes a letter to Judith, insisting she try to get her and RJ back. “We’re connected,” she says, as her and Rick’s voices begin to overlap. “We’re still connected to everyone we’ve ever loved.”

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Unfortunately they are not together. Michonne, now rocking a new take on her classic pre-mom samurai outfit, vows to find Rick, “because I know he’s trying to find us.” She gets on her horse and rides off in a walker avalanche. Elsewhere, Rick is at a body of water and panics when he hears an incoming helicopter. A voice from above tells him to surrender, much to Rick’s dismay. “Come on, Rick,” says the mystery person, “it’s like he told you, there’s no escaping it for the living.” Rick turns out to be just outside a large metropolis. He raises his hands as the chopper comes down, and with a sly smile, Rick seems ready for what’s to come.


And the answer to the next step is… well, a lot! The living Dead has already spawned multiple spin-offs, including those already wrapped World overthe recent anthology series Stories of the walking deadand Fear the walking dead, which has been renewed for an eighth season. But, as we mentioned earlier, it was previously announced that many of our main characters would be getting their own shows, and Rest in Peace, ironically, helped prepare us for the birth of three new stories.



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