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The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) to provide $50,000 in Sarcoidosis Research Funding Exploring Environmental Causes of sarcoidosis and for Identifying Neurosarc Biomarkers

CHICAGO, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sarcoidosis Research Foundation (FSR) is pleased to announce funding for two new pilot projects in sarcoidosis. The FSR Pilot Research Grant is intended to support small-scale or pilot research projects. The purpose of the FSR Pilot Research Grant is to provide early career and established sarcoidosis researchers with the financial support to collect pilot data to pursue innovative research projects that have a high probability of future funding and are likely to have a significant impact on the field of sarcoidosis.

These research projects hold promise in advancing the understanding, diagnosis and management of sarcoidosis.

This year, FSR received the most applications for this grant funding to date, with a total of 11 applications, indicating an increasing interest in sarcoidosis research around the world. This year, the FSR Board of Directors, under the guidance of the FSR Scientific Advisory Board, has selected two outstanding proposals to receive funding at $25,000 each, in all $50,000 in financing.

FSR is pleased to announce two grant winners, Alice GerkeMD, MBA, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine – Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine at The University of Iowa and Amanda L. Piquet, MD, director, Autoimmune Neurology Program at University of Colorado Medical Faculty.

Dr. Gerke’s project, “Respiratory Epithelial Response to Residential Antigens in Mild and Severe Sarcoidosis,” will investigate whether mold exposure results in an increased inflammatory response and more severe sarcoidosis symptoms. Like dr. Gerke comments, “We are extremely grateful for the support of the FSR as we try to determine the underlying mechanisms leading to severe sarcoidosis. We hope that by doing this we can modify the environment or immune response to improve quality of life and preservation of organ function in patients suffering from chronic sarcoidosis.”

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Dr. Piquet’s project, “Biomarkers of Inflammation and Neuronal Injury with Associated Clinical Outcome Measures in Neurosarcoidosis: A Pilot Study”, which aims to identify biomarkers that can be used instead of or in combination with biopsy in the diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis and the tracking disease progression. Like dr. Piquet notes: “A reliable biomarker for the diagnosis and assessment of disease progression is lacking in neurosarcoidosis. At the University of Coloradowe are excited to have the opportunity to advance the field by helping to identify surrogate biomarkers that can correlate with clinical outcome measures, thus defining a biomarker that will enable tracking of disease progression over time . “

“This has been an extraordinary year for innovative applications for FSR’s research funding. This year’s awarded FSR Pilot Grant projects hold great promise for advancing the understanding, diagnosis and management of sarcoidosis.” say Mary McGowanCEO of FSR.

FSR is committed to accelerating sarcoidosis research through grants, small grants, major grants, and disease-specific grants to advance sarcoidosis research and advance care for people with sarcoidosis. FSR has provided more than enough in total $6 million dollars in funding to support sarcoidosis research.

For more information on FSR’s research programs and research programs, please visit: (https://www.stopsarcoidosis.org/fsr-grants/)

About Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a rare inflammatory disease characterized by the formation of granulomas — small clumps of inflammatory cells — in one or more organs of the body. Despite increasing advances in research, sarcoidosis remains difficult to diagnose with limited treatment options and no known cure. About 175,000 people live with sarcoidosis the United States.

About the Sarcoidosis Research Foundation

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The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is the leading international organization dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoidosis and improving the care of sarcoidosis patients through research, education and support. Since its founding in 2000, FSR has advanced more than $6 million in sarcoidosis-specific research efforts. To learn more about FSR and to join our community, visit: stoparcoidosis.org.

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