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The future of security: smarter devices that protect themselves

Jamf has officially completed it acquisition of Zecops this week. Why is this important and what could it mean for enterprise mobile security? Potentially, a lot.

Security beyond the border

Think about how security has evolved to get an answer to the question. as the proliferation of mobile devices has made traditional security measures even less effective than they used to be.

Mobile devices now account for 59% of global website traffic. But nearly half (45%) of the companies surveyed in the most recent Verizon Mobile Security Index say they compromised with a mobile device in the past 12 months.

Corporate firewalls only protect those inside the wall, and retrospective malware checkers by their very nature don’t detect an attack until it has happened.

Traditional security models have now been replaced by the concept of endpoint security, where security is applied on a device, user, location, and even application basis. It’s this evolving understanding of security that contributes to security industry buzzwords, things like zero trust, multifactor authentication, and passwordless security – they’re all parts of the new approach.

But can devices protect themselves?

Another tactic is the continued effort to develop security on the device itself, a bit like the Secure Enclave on Apple’s products. But there is more to it: developing systems that are smart enough to recognize if they have been attacked.

But in order to deliver that kind of machine intelligence self-awareness, you first need access to a bit of information, in the form of telemetry data.

Jamf already has a security solution for Macs that signals this direction of travel called Jam Protect. It can detect threats, monitor compliance and automatically respond to certain security incidents. When it was introduced in 2019, it showed a future for security. The ZecOps deal means the company now has technology it could also potentially use to provide similar protection to iPhones and iPads.

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Providing that level of security is complex and requires access to telemetry, the kind of information Zecops is very good at collecting. That explains why its security solutions are already being used by governments, corporations and high net worth individuals to accelerate mobile security investigations. The solution is very good at collecting data and identifying attacks and compromises at scale.

The idea is that if a breach has occurred, the software will notice it, which is invaluable for protecting company data. The goal, however, should be that the device itself will eventually recognize and defend against any visible attack, making systems even more secure.

ZecOps is the only tool available that offers the ability to retrieve, deliver and analyze logs from mobile devices for signs of compromise or malicious activity, said a customer of the Department of State, a G7 government. , the company said.

How it works

The tool continues to work capture and analyze logs from both iOS and Android devices at the operating system layer. It examines this telemetry data to identify suspicious events and is designed to catch hidden zero and one-click attacks. It identifies if a device was attacked, how and when that attack happened, what impact it has, and then helps inform an effective response to incidents.

It is a threat fighter for iPhones.

It’s also important to think about the kinds of threats this solution can fend off. This is not just a virus checker. It’s smart and capable enough to identify some state-sponsored threats that Apple built Lockdown Mode to protect devices against. The acquisition essentially gives Jamf a technology robust enough to protect against espionage.

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And at one deeply paranoid time in our global historyis this level of protection the level of security every iPhone user needs.

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