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This Pore-Cleansing Device Has Been a Staple in My Skincare Routine for 2 Years, and It’s Up to 50% Off Now

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Rita Ora and Gemma Chan are also fans of the brand.

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I still remember how happy I was when I received my Foreo device over two years ago. I saw it Instagram and immediately wanted one, mainly because of the fun colors and soft silicone bristles (more on that later). I’ve used my Foreo device every day now since I received it, and I still can’t see myself going a day without it. So it didn’t surprise me when In style mention this brand below best skin care products and treatments of 2022 or when one of our beauty writers saw results in just a month of using their Foreo device. And just in time for Black Friday, this skincare brand is having a sale that offers savings of up to 50 percent with top devices starting at $99.

Foreo has several facial devices that help users skin care routines of the Luna 3from deep cleansing to a spa facial experience with the UFO2. This brand started in Sweden and became global with skin care experts, shoppers and celebrities like Rita Ora and Gemma Chan among his fan base.

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Shop Now: $125 (originally $179); foreo. com

I have sensitive skin and am very selective about what tools I use on my face. Otherwise, I’m left with red spots or hives, forcing me to cancel all social plans for the next few days. Surprisingly, the Luna Mini3 has been a staple of my skincare routine for over two years and I still have no complaints. This compact and wireless device has many features, including the ability to T-sonic pulsations to my needs.

What I find most helpful about this device is that those pulsations pause every 15 seconds, signaling that it’s time to move to a new area of ​​my face to cleanse. This feature alone keeps me consistent with my cleaning process, which is completed in just one minute. After using this device for the first time, I felt like I had the most gentle yet deep facial cleanse. I didn’t know it was even possible for my skin to feel so smooth. Every time I use my Foreo device, I know I’m getting a soothing facial massage and removing all the dirt and dead skin cells I’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Moreover, the maintenance of this waterproof device is super easy. I use soap and water for my Luna Mini3 clean, and an hour and a half charge (for this particular model) lasts up to 400 times.

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Shop now: $229 (originally $329); foreo. com

Aside from my obsession with the Luna Mini 3, a few additional and noteworthy Foreo devices to consider are the Bear, Luna 3, Issa 3and UFO2 – especially since they’re on sale for a limited time. Use the Bear, which Foreo calls its “full face fitness” device uses micro currents to stimulate more than 65 facial and neck muscles to firm, smooth and reduce wrinkles. One customer said this foreo device “exceeded” their expectations and noted that they saw improvement in just three weeks. Another customer, who is in her 60s, shared that the Bear device “tightened” their skin and “lifted” their jaws.

Shop Now: $150 (originally $219); foreo. com

Rita Ora agreessharing her approval that the Luna 3 “Really makes me feel like I’ve had a facial” and that it “removes all my excess makeup that I missed just washing my face with my hands and a scrub.” Even better, the Luna 3 retails for $150 from its original price of $219.

Foreo also has oral care and home spa appliances. The Issa 3 is a four-in-one electric toothbrush that’s gentle on teeth and gums but tough on bacteria and plaque, and currently on sale for 48 percent off. Customers said they love the silicone bristles and efficiency of this toothbrush. It is claimed to “clean much better” than other electric toothbrushes and to help them maintain white teeth from coffee stains.

The UFO2 is also on sale for 50 percent off. This Foreo device is designed as a “supercharged facial” with functions such as thermotherapy and cryotherapy. One reviewer with dry skin said this device left their skin “bright and soft,” while another with sensitive skin and rosacea said the redness on their face “reduced significantly” after using it.

Don’t miss these celebrity and customer-approved facial cleansing devices during Foreos Black Friday sale is happening now.

Shop now: $99 (originally $189); foreo. com

Shop Now: $149 (originally $299); foreo. com

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