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Watchmen takes place in the same universe as a taxi driver

Watchmen is home to a number of characters, but it looks like it’s also home to the protagonist of the classic film Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle.

In one of the most shocking revelations of Guardians world, the superhero story also seems to take place in the world of Cab driver. For Guardians: Rorschach #3 depicts the title hero meeting a particularly notable character from Martin Scorsese’s classic film.

Cab driver came out in 1976 and stars Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybil Shepherd and Harvey Keitel. The story revolves around De Niro, who plays Travis Bickle, a former Marine who returns to New York and takes a job as an overnight cab driver. While Bickle does his job, the sleaze and decay of the city of New York disgusts him, causing him to take matters into his own hands to clean up the city. The film was critically acclaimed and remains a cornerstone of director Martin Scorsese’s career. However, the film was also criticized for its use of graphic violence and its overt sexual themes.


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And it seems Bickle isn’t the only one with a desire to clean up the streets of New York. In For Guardians: Rorschach #3 by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, the titular hero tries to track down a local mob boss named Rawhead. Unfortunately, Rorschach collides with Rawheads men as they interrogate one of the criminal’s best partners. Men charged in with guns trying to kill the vigilante, spraying bullets all over the place as Rorschach jumped out the window. Rorschach escapes, but he spills a pretty nasty mess from several floors up into the street. Rorschach ducks into the nearest cab, but the driver is none other than Travis Bickle. While cruising Rorschach, Bickle comments on the problems the town is facing and how much he admires people like Rorschach for standing up to them.

Which taxi driver and Guardians Rorschach share

Travis Bickle and Rorschach Taxi Driver Watchmen DC Comics

While the taxi driver that Rorschach encounters is not technically named, his resemblance to Robert De Niro is uncanny. It’s hard to imagine that a taxi driver who looks like De Niro, who openly discussed his distaste for New York City in the late ’70s, is supposed to be anyone other than Travis Bickle. The only problem is that For Guardians: Rorschach takes place in 1977 while Cab driver came out in 1976. So while it may not be the Travis Bickle movie buffs familiar with, the director was certainly meant to bring him to mind.

So this cameo implies that too Taxi drivers setting is a variant of into the world Guardians? Or that the presence of costumed adventurers like Rorschach prevented the need for vigilante action from the likes of Bickle? More than likely, the appearance of De Niro’s character is just a tip of the veil of the atmosphere present For Guardians: Rorschach. Set in a seedy 1970s New York, both stories feature unhinged men battling criminal elements. Whatever the intent, see Rorschach out Guardians and Travis Bickle from Cab driver sharing a scene is truly a mind-boggling sight to behold.

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