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Will a new shopping platform redefine the formula for AI-driven personalization?

November 23, 2022

Founded by Romney Evans, co-founder of True Fit, a new shopping platform, Store merchandiselaunched in beta last week with the goal of combining “human inspiration” and data science to build a “one-stop personal shop, curated for you and by you.”

Similar to other personalized ecommerce sites like Stitch Fix, Shoptrue users first take a quiz to establish basic preferences about their style personality, favorite brands, and color preferences. The site then presents an initial set of curated recommendations, as well as editorial content tailored to their interests.

The platform, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), is constantly learning and improving selections based on interactions, “so that over time, the user’s results and content will feel more and more individualized,” according to a press release.

Unlike other AI-powered personal recommendation engines that also include versions of Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Farfetch, Shoptrue will be able to pre-filter size and fit specifications to ensure shoppers only see products available in their preferred size.

Shoptrue also invites users to participate in the “discovery process” to further refine selections. Users are encouraged to build stores (collections) that reflect their preferred fashion and style point of view (public or private) and seek ideas and product recommendations from stylists, influencers and peers with the ability to follow and be followed.

Mr. Evans told TechCrunch“Instead of being a top-down recommendation system, where the user is passive, it puts the user in the driver’s seat, back into personalization, putting them in control.”

For brands and retailers, the platform promises a “new audience of relevant customers”, more loyalty by better tailoring products to what the customer likes, and fewer returns.

The site will exit beta in the first quarter of 2023 when seasoning and co-generated stores roll out.

Andrew Lipsman, lead analyst for retail and ecommerce at Insider Intelligence, said Modern retail that the biggest hurdle Shoptrue may face is overcoming a reluctance to try the service due to shortcomings previously seen in the algorithmic retail space. He said, “Fashion buyers may be skeptical that this iteration is the one that finally breaks the code.”

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What are your thoughts on Shoptrue’s personalized recommendation platform that combines AI-driven algorithms with input from customers and tastemakers? Is algorithmic shopping progressing or is it failing to live up to its hype?

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“Something needs to change about the challenge that online shopping has become, and maybe Shoptrue is a step in that direction.”




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