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Woman Explaining How She ‘Almost Died’ During Bungee Jump Shocks Internet

A video of a woman remembering how she “almost died” bungee jumping in South Africa has gone viral on TikTok with 2.5 million views.

The images shared by TikToker @isabelledunhourr was captioned, “they actually thought they had their first victim with me [crying floods of tears emoji] #foryou #fyp #travelbucketlist.”

“Here’s the story of how I almost died bungee jumping in Africa because I jumped off the wrong way,” Isabelle says at the start of her video, which begins with a happy group of people getting excited about bungee jumping.

The jump took place in the Tsitsikamma region of the South African Garden Route, from the top of the arch of the Bloukrans Bridge, the largest and longest bridge in Africa. Bloukrans is also the world’s tallest single-arch bridge, about 220 meters above a river.

This stock image shows a woman about to bungee jump against a forest backdrop. A TikToker went viral with a video showing how her bungee jumping mistake in South Africa left her in serious danger.
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While one DJ booth at the top, with music playing to help calm people down, the user said, “I’m watching other people go down and I’m nervous.”

According to a July 2012 study published in the Medicine and sports science magazine, “the investigation of injuries and deaths associated with extreme sports such as bungee jumping and BASE [Building, Antenna, Span, Earth] jumping is relatively scarce.”

“Risks in bungee jumping are reported only sporadically…usually associated with eye injury, but also rare cases of serious, life-threatening injury and even death,” the study said.

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“This is how you jump off correctly, guys,” Isabelle says in the video as her dad looks back with a grin and launches off the platform with his arms wide open in a floating, Superman-esque pose.

“Look at me now,” she said, seeming to bend her knees and fall straight off the ledge. “I get off and look [at] how nervous people are [staff at the top] watching me go down… thinking ‘how did this girl jump off?'”

She showed another angle from the moment before she fell off the edge and said, “I didn’t jump, I sat. I grabbed the bungee jumping cord with all my strength, I must not do that…”

“Here I go, [being] thrown around like a rag doll,” she said as she was whipped into the air after letting go of the bungee cord, sending the contents of her pockets falling to the floor.

“Guys, I thought I was going to die, [you could see] the fear in my eyes,” she says as the video cuts her back onto solid ground, wide-eyed and tousled hair.

The unnerving story of the bungee jump shocked TikTok users.

User LMAO said “how did you do everything wrong”, in a comment that got 36,200 likes.

User $ said “my jaw dropped when I saw you grab the cord!!!!! you’re lucky you got your arms girl omg [oh my god] [shocked face emoji],” in a comment that garnered more than 26,000 likes.

“The way they looked down to see if you were dead or not, lmao [laughing my a** off]said Kelcee in another comment that got more than 26,000 likes.

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News week reached out to @isabelledunhourr for comment. The content of the video has not been independently verified.

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