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“Wonder Women” Twitter review: What the internet thinks of the film directed by Anjali Menon

The movie “Wonder Women” directed by Anjali Menon stars Nadiya Moidu, Padmapriya, Nithya Menen, Sayanora Philip, Amruta Subhash, Parvathy Thiruvothu and Archana Padmini. Due to the cast of characters and the director, the movie about pregnancy, motherhood, sisters and friendship was probably one of the most anticipated movies!

Audiences are happy that the film is now available to stream as they can enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes. Movie buffs are always posting reviews on social media. Let’s see what the Twitterati have to say about ‘Wonder Women’.

The film is moving and worth seeing, according to one film buff: Wonder Women is a touching portrait of parenting with an excellent ensemble and appropriate performances. Definitely another excellent production from Anjali Menon. Worth watching!

The film was described as a “single-use candy wrapper” by another online user. The film was described as “overwhelmingly sweet” by Twitterati, who also claimed it was a terrible waste of time. He wrote: #WonderWomen, What to expect Not much. While the story occasionally contains genuine warmth, it’s not entirely a waste of time and has a fine cast. The movie is very sweet. As disposable as a candy wrapper, #WonderWomen. Another Twitter user suggested that the director should have thought about making an awareness video of the concept instead of making it a full movie: Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women, 2022. Even with its short duration, this is a ridiculous waste of skill and resources on something that would have been best approved only as an elite pregnancy-related awareness video on YouTube. There’s hardly any conflict or payoff to look for, despite the sheer number of players partially forcing you through. The saccharine-filled delight of having children as if it were the ultimate goal of a woman’s life also seemed anything but progressive to this Twitter user. For the record. This was not a review.

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Another online user praised the performances of the artists including Padmapriya, Nithya Menen and Amruta Subhash. He wrote: All the actors did a fantastic job. The user was able to see the friendship between @MenenNithya and @Padmapriya Offl on TV because they both seemed so natural.

Related FAQs

Who is the director of Wonder Women?

Anjali Menon is the director of Wonder Women.

What are the topics covered in Wonder Women?

The film is about parenthood, sisterhood, friendship and pregnancy.

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