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WWE’s big plans to add a celebrity fave to a current angle (SPOILERS)

Before WWE fans went, “Damn, Logan Paul is legit!” another celebrity turned Superstar surprised us. Now there’s talk that the company has big plans for the return of that celebrity-turned-Superstar on the way to, and on, Wrestle Mania 39.

Kazeem Famuyidea former member of the WWE creative team who currently wrestles David Shoemaker and others The Ringers The masked man’s show, says a rumor has been circulating in WWE about a stadium show in Puerto Rico ahead of the ‘Mania. It would probably be one PPV premium live event, headlined by Bad Bunny and Rey Mysterio to take on Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

That match would then lead to a singles showdown between Bunny & Dom-Dom at SoFi Stadium on April 1 or 2, 2023.

In addition to delivering critically acclaimed in-ring performance at Wrestle Mania 37 and this year’s royal rumble, Grammy winner Bad Bunny has just been named Spotify’s most-streamed artist for the third year in a row. So even if Triple H hadn’t done that hype him up at the Collision in the castle press conferencewe know that WWE will obviously want to continue doing business with the Puerto Rican star when the lifelong wrestling fan can fit them into his busy schedule.

Bunny appears to have an opening in that schedule coming spring. His current world tour expires in the middle of this month, and there’s no word on when his Spider-Man Universe movie El Murto is about to start filming (Sony Pictures has it on their schedule for a January 2024 release, so it will probably be soon… but training at the Performance Center probably counts as preparation for playing a mystically driven luchador). Famuyide’s report is also consistent with hints from WWE’s co-CEOs they will do more PLEs outside the mainland United States in the future. And the Chief Content Officer said anything but one would be in PR at the after-Survivor Series press.

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As for the The Judgment Day/Mysterios storyline, Bunny’s previous association with Priest offers a few possible explanations for why he would want to get involved in this family feud. His eventual return could also explain why WWE made a point of it keep the Mysterios beef alive even after Rey was moved to SmackDown get away from his son & Dominik’s new “Mami”.

Personally, I think a singles match between Rey & Dom makes more sense as the culmination of that angle. But if you can get a star the size of Bad Bunny for WrestleMania, you will. And maybe next comes a match between father and son – mask versus hair in/at Hell in a cellcould be?

Anyway…do you think we’ll see Rhea Ripley powerbomb one of the biggest music stars in the world?



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